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St. Thomas Aquinas

The Angelic Doctor

of the Church

angelCentre for Catholic Studies
(incorporating the Centre for
Thomistic Studies Inc.)

Sydney, Australia

The Centre for Thomistic Studies Inc. offers year-round courses on Catholic Church teachings, based on the philosophy and theology of the "Angelic Doctor," Saint Thomas Aquinas.

CTS was founded in 1985 for the purpose of providing a sound and profound education in philosophy and kindred subjects for the people of Sydney, and Australia in general, continuing the work begun by the late Dr. A.M. Woodbury, S.M., Ph. D., S.T.D., a Marist priest and a leading Australian proponent of Thomism.



Program 2014

Venue: Level 5, POLDING CENTRE
(133 Liverpool Street Sydney 2000)
Apologetics 5pm to 6pm A English
Ontology: The True, the Good and the Beautiful 6pm to 7pm A Nelson
Introduction to Philosophy 7pm to 8pm F Cudmore
Old Testament 4:30pm to 6pm Dr Y Azize
Fundamentals of Theology 6pm to 7pm P Kalina
Beginner's Latin 7pm to 8pm P Kalina
Venue: 34 Ridge Street, North Sydney
(near St. Mary's Church cnr Miller and Ridge Streets)
Introduction to Thomism 2pm to 3pm D Younan
The Pearce Project (Logic)
(all welcome to participate - no fees)
4pm to 5pm Working group
Ethics: The Moral Virtues (1st Semester only) 6pm to 7pm Dr D Boland
WEDNESDAYS (1st Semester Only)
Breakfast with Aquinas:
Pope Francis and St Thomas on Economics and Finance
(participation by donation)
7:30am to 8:30am Discussion
St Thomas: The Five Ways 10am to 11am Dr D Boland
Venue: John Berne Centre, Lewisham
(1 Thomas Street, Lewisham)
Thomist Psychology
(1st semester only)
6pm to 7pm Dr D Boland

TERM DATES (Start dates are Mondays and end dates are Thursdays)
Courses commence week of Monday 24th February and follow the timetable of the university academic year.   

1st Semester: Term 1: 24 Feb - 9 Apr (7 wks) --- Term 2: 28 April - 25 Jun (9 wks)
2nd Semester: Term 3: 21 Jul - 17 Sep (9 wks) --- Term 4: 7 Oct - 19 Nov (7 wks)
Exams 1st December - 17th December


Contact and Other Details


Polding Centre is located at: Polding Centre, 133 Liverpool St, Sydney

Lewisham Venue: John Berne Centre, 1 Thomas St., Lewisham

Note our New Venue: 34 Ridge Street North Sydney 2060 (corner of Ridge St and Ridge Lane)

Short walking distance (10mins) from North Sydney Station (1km up Miller St) (from station go through underground arcade to other side of highway, then up to and along Miller Street)

5 minutes in Miller St bus from Blue Street exit

parking available

appealing Terrace house; ready access ; extensive library of books on philosophy and theology, history and literature; all welcome to come in and browse; also up to date electronic media for listening to and viewing library of courses and other materials; friendly atmosphere; all welcome to come in just for a chat

Note: There are Masses in St. Mary’s church at 7:00am and 5:30pm each weekday.




Standard - $240 per year per course paid in advance. (Can be paid by term @ $70 per term) There are generous concessions for multiple courses. and other concessions for students etc. (Tea or coffee and biscuits available.) Do not let your present ability to pay the full cost of courses prevent you from attending - discuss with us reduction of fees. We are a non-profit organisation and are only concerned to cover our costs.




Should you wish to enroll, please write, call or email us and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.




Telephone: (mob) 04 2526 3021 or write to The Secretary, Centre for Catholic Studies Inc. Mail may be addressed to CCS/CTS at Polding Centre or Ridge Street address).

Email us at




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