Following the release of Fides et ratio at the end of last year, Pope John Paul II has continued to support the perennial teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas in an authoritative manner. The recent motu proprio Inter Munera Academiarum has amended the statutes of the two Thomistic institutes in Rome ensuring the prominence and perpetuation of the traditional teachings of the Angelic Doctor.

The relationship between faith and reason continues to be a theme of angelus speeches and reflections. Theology starts with revealed principles and philosophy begins with principles known by the light of reason. But both disciplines proceed using natural reason. This close union is reflected in these recent words of John Paul II: "Faith becomes in this way not only reasonable, but also ‘reasoning’… ...Between intelligence and faith a vital relationship is created. We can say that ‘each contains the other’: on the one hand, it is necessary to believe, if one wishes to perceive something of the mystery that transcends us, on the other, it is necessary to understand for faith to be rational and ever more mature".

As we start our preparation for the Advent and Christmas season we are blest with the news that a former student of the CTS, Laurence Gresser, has been ordained to the deaconate for the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter (FSSP). The date for his ordination to the priesthood has been set for the 20th May, 2000. Laurence studied with the CTS for nine years before starting his studies with the Fraternity. We can be assured the FSSP will find the presence of Laurence a good Thomistic influence in their midst.

John Gresser is a student at the Centre for Thomistic Studies, in Sydney, Australia.

This article posted May 2000. It was published in Universitas, Vol 3 (1999), No. 1.
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